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    Eco Three Leaf-Reusable Vegan Food Wraps

    Eco Three Leaf is a Brisbane based, handmade small business, with a mission to produce quality, reusable food wraps as a conscious alternative to single-use plastics such as clingfilm.

    By reusing items, reducing waste and recycling mindfully, we can all make a powerful impact on helping to protect the environment for future generations.

    Single-use plastics can generally don't ever completely break down and may end up in land fill or the oceans, causing a ripple effect of damage to the earth's Eco systems.We are literally drowning in plastic globally. Did you know plastic has now even been found in the deepest parts of the oceans? 

    Why Three Leaf? The wraps are a simple mix of natural wax and oils derived from three plants. A vegan alternative to the popular beeswax versions ~ because we think the bees need their wax more than we do.

    The wraps are a great addition to any earth conscious kitchen. They help to reduce waste and keep costs down as you won't need to keep buying OR throwing away clingfilm and you are doing you bit to reduce waste and single use plastics.