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    Hello friend!

    I've created this little handmade hub called The Eco Artisan to house my creative goods.

    So it goes like this...I make lipsticks which live under Eco Pout Australia AND I also make reusable, plant-based, zero-waste food wraps, which live under Eco Three Leaf.

    Take a little look around and if you have any questions (or any unfathomable and totally inappropriate meme's) get in touch -  I'd love to have a chat to you.


    Meet the maker

    Hi there, I'm Tamar (pronounced Tay-mar) but most people call me 'T' or 'Tay' or just 'hey you' (probably b/c they can't pronounce Tamar properly ;) I am the owner and operator behind Eco Pout and Eco Three Leaf. They just live under the umbrella name of The Eco Artisan.

    Based in hotter-than-the-sun Brisbane, when I am not at my corporate day job, I’m raring to make lipsticks and reusable food wraps in my spare time. 

    I’m a cat loving, coriander snubbing, Virgo who has a penchant for samba dancing, savage memes and have a rather inconvenient (to my purse) earring addiction. They say 'dance as if nobody is watching', but sometimes I like to laugh like nobody is listening too.

    I have a sense of humour that’s as dry as my martini, I love getting outdoors in nature, exploring my surrounds and camping with my man, as well as catching up and spending time with family and friends. I try to do my bit for the environment where possible, show compassion and kindness to all creatures great and small and make mindful choices with the products I buy, use and make.

    I'm not an eco perfectionist, nor do I know everything about all things living green. Everyday I am learning more and more about conscious living though and I love it.

    I'm simply one small person in a big world trying to do my little bit where possible. That's all any of us can really do collectively right?

    I prefer not to use animal ingredients in my products as I personally don’t feel comfortable using anything that has cost another living being it’s health, happiness or life.

    There are many plant based alternatives now that we really don’t need to use products sourced from animals or tested on them. So all lipsticks and glosses get tested on me and me only. 

    How it started

    In 2017 I accidentally snapped the top off one of my commercially bought lipsticks. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty p*ssed (as any woman would understand) and I had a sudden urge to start making my own and vowed never to buy another one again.

    It was literally like a wave of get-out-of-my-way-I’m-doing-this-yesterday type urgency. Hard to describe really, but it was obviously the universe’s little way of making sure I took real good notice of this nudge.

    My intention was simple - to create quality lipsticks (and now lip-gloss) by me for me, so I could control the ingredients and be at peace knowing they weren't being tested on any other living being but me and totally avoiding the unnecessary use of animal products.

    The reusable food wraps then started with a similar feeling of need-to-do-this-NOW urgency. I’m just trying to do my little bit for the environment and the more single use plastics we can keep out of the oceans and the stomachs of animals the more hope future generations and the Eco system might have.

    I care about the products myself and others consume and how they impact our health and the environment. I hope you will join me on this journey to a more conscious holistic approach towards our way of living and for the future ahead.