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    As the Ken Blanchard quote goes 'Feedback is the breakfast of champions'.

    It's always hard buying things online when you can't see them, touch them, test them! Especially lipstick and cosmetics. I totally get it.
    To give you a little bit of an insight into what others think about the products and service provided here at The Eco Artisan, feel free to have a read through some of the lovely customer reviews below.

    It is always important to receive feedback from our customers as it helps us know what works, how we can continue to improve and what people love and what we are doing right.
    Thank you for taking the time to leave your reviews, suggestions and feedback.


    Eco Pout Australia Customer Reviews

    " Love my Eco Pout lipsticks. The colour and the feel is perfect. The service provided by Tamar can't be faulted and the principles that drive the creations are really admirable. Thank you!".
    Nicki M | QLD


    "I absolutely love my lipstick and lipgloss. Makeup that's good for your body and the planet deserves to be celebrated. 
    Sam G | QLD

    "Second to none service! Amazing products and the fact they are environmentally friendly is the icing on the cake! I am a loyal fan of Eco Pout and won't purchase my lipsticks anywhere else. The finishing touches on packaging make you feel so special, like you are getting a present!" 
    Audrey J | QLD

    "I am a lipstick convert since trying Eco Pout. Non sticky and full of goodness a beautiful product. The personal gift wrapping is the perfect special touch!".
    Amanda M | QLD
    "I love Noosa Luxe balm from the Eco Pout range. I have sensitive skin and have to be particularly careful with what I use. This is a beautiful lip balm that has been great for me. It seems to have real staying power while caring for my skin. I just bought a second tube so that I can have one in my handbag and one at home so I am never without".
    Jen M | QLD

    "I received my beautifully presented lip gloss and I am in love! Buttery, sleek, gorgeous colour and feels just wonderful on my lips"
    Cherie-Ann B | QLD

    "I recently bought Noosa Luxe & love it. I'm not very daring when it comes to colour so it was perfect for me. However, I also received two sample pots of brighter coloured lipsticks & to my shock, I actually really like them on me. I will be buying from Eco Pout again".
    Fiona B | VIC

    Omg my new gloss (Lip Sheen) is amazing! Packaging and everything. Well done!
    Ebru D | QLD 
    "I love these lipsticks and the fact they are far better on the environment and on our skin too! Stunning colours"
    Mequa M | QLD

    "Wow, so impressed with Eco Pout! An impressive line of lipsticks with a real eye for colour and customer satisfaction with an environmental-friendly conscience. A true sensory experience with a lovely, smooth feel married with a beautiful smell"
    Maureen U  | QLD 

     "I received my 3 lipsticks and love them! Love the classy packaging, love their nourishing texture, love the 3 colours I received..I love that they are cruelty-free and non- toxic which attracted me to them in the first place, and handcrafted with love by one of the loveliest souls I know. I feel very special wearing them. Can’t wait to try the samples and buy more"

    Robyn W | NSW 

    "I absolutely love my Eco Pout lipsticks! Tamar also helped me select colours that matched a particular outfit and even popped in a free sample. Great service and product" 
    Emma M | QLD

    "I came late to the party and almost missed the first release of Bijou Rose but the fabulous (and insanely talented) Tamar, whipped up a batch for me and it turned up in time for Christmas. I took my Bijou Rose on safari to South Africa and it was SENSATIONAL! It withstood baking sun, gale force winds and even torrential rain WITHOUT feeling heavy, gloopy or catching my hair. No nasty after taste I often notice with other brands.I love how it feels on my lips and how long it lasts"
    Salish M | QLD

    "I love the new gloss range. The colour was perfect, the texture luxurious and my lips were fabulously moisturised, wasn't gloopy or tacky"
    Katrina S | QLD

    "Absolutely love these lipsticks. Leaves my lips feeling soft and is long wearing for a chemical free lipstick!. Thank you for 
    Tracey G | QLD

    Eco Three Leaf Customer Reviews

    "I love Eco Three Leaf's reusable wraps. I adore the fabric and it sticks so well to my bowls to keep my food fresh. I love the smell and the fact that they're friendly for vegans too. Highly recommend".
    Kelly R | QLD

     "I received my Eco Three Leaf wraps this week, beautifully presented and almost too good to open up and use! However, I did and they are fantastic both in looks and functionality. Just warm them up with your hands, wrap over your bowls and stick them down to the dish. If you haven't ordered some yet, you are missing out...such a great eco gift idea too".
    Wendy H | QLD

    "Thank you for my beautiful wraps! I've been using them every day for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love them. They stick to my bowls really well (better than other wrap brands I've tried) and they look so pretty. I would definitely recommend them to all my eco-conscious friends".
    Sarah M | QLD

    "Your site, your products, the overall experience is amazing. I love the commitment to quality and the environment and have complete confidence in anything you sell".
    Cristal D | QLD

    "Am so excited to have received my Eco Three Leaf plastic free vegan food wraps. Such a great alternative to the beeswax ones. Pretty designs and they stick really well to my bowls etc".
    Kathryn T | QLD